Gideon Academy is a Christian institution that offers preschool, elementary, and secondary education for children of Chinese-Filipino descent.  It was established by the United Evangelical Church Pasay (UECPasay).  From its humble beginnings of having barely 18 pupils in the nursery level in 1984, the church grounds were used as classrooms.  In 1987, the church acquired the present school site.  Each year as the pupils got promoted, a class for the next level was opened.  Thus, by 1992, Gideon Academy was offering the entire elementary course and by 1996, the entire secondary course.  At present, God has shown His grace and faithfulness by providing a complete three phase building, with new and renovated facilities like indoor gym, social hall, playroom, library, computer laboratory, High School and Elementary Science laboratory, classrooms and others which have contributed to the school’s upgraded academic standard.




Gideon Academy Inc. believes that man, created in the image of God, is endowed with potentialities and powers; and that these should be developed based on the teachings of God as contained in the Bible. Gideon Academy believes that to develop a student as a whole person, spiritually, mentally, physically and socially, the student must be taught the Bible so that he may understand God as well as his own nature and purpose of life.