Gideon Academy Data Privacy Act Policy



A. Purpose


Gideon Academy values and respects your right to privacy.  As we collect, use, store and dispose information you provide us, we will faithfully handle this information and treat it with utmost respect and confidentiality.  This policy is in compliance with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and it implementing rules and regulations.


B.  What Personal and Sensitive Information Do We Collect 


We collect the following personal information from you when you officially register to Gideon Academy Inc. , also referred to as “School”, as a learner or for employment purposes:


  • Full name, gender, birthdate & birthplace, nationality, religion, and home address of the learner and parents/guardian;


  • Contact information of parents/guardians:  landline, mobile phone, email address;


  • Employment information of parents including address and contact number;


  • Face of learner:  photo and video


  • Such other relevant, reasonable and adequate (non-excessive) information as the School may require from time to time of its data subject upon prior notification to, and consent of, the data subject i.e. mental health/psychological findings/counselling records.


C. How the Gathered Information is  Utilized 


The collected personal and sensitive information is utilized for documentation and processing purposes by and within the School for academic purposes in the exercise by the School of its academic freedom as an educational institution as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Such personal and sensitive information are shared by the School with government agencies as may be mandated by applicable law including issuances by government agencies having regulatory authority over the School (e.g. Bureau of Internal Revenue, Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation, Philippine Credit Corporation, Department of Labor and Employment, Bureau of Immigration, under applicable law and with the Department of Education (“DepEd”), as required by the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools (“MRPS”) and DepEd issuances such as, but not limited to, the Learner Information System (DepEd Order No. 26 s.2015).


The foregoing personal information is also share by the School with the congregation of the United Evangelical Church of Pasay or “Church” through the Church’s Educational Ministry considering that the School is an educational institution owned and operated by the Church, and only for the Church’s educational and/or religious purposes such as, but not limited to educational research, supervision of Gideon Academy Inc, and scholarship grants to students.

考虑到学校是教会所拥有和经营的教育机构,上述个人信息也可透过教会的教育事工被学校分享给巴西中华基督教会(UEC Pasay或以下称为教会),用于教会的教育和/或宗教目的,如但不限于教育研究、对基中书院的监督和学生奖学金计划。

The Gideon Academy Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is used to transmit signal to designated monitors at the Gideon Academy Security Office as part of the disciplinary, safety and prevention management for the whole school community.  CCTV images can be used as evidence in all school disciplinary proceedings.  Other photo and video of students are used for their school identification card, school publication, yearbook, and other co-curricular purposes i.e. outside campus competition or participation.


D.  How We Protect the Information 


The Record Center (Registrar’s Office) has access to these personal and sensitive personal information; it is only shared with persons in authority for valid reasons related to the learner’s curricular and co-curricular development or employee’s employment.  Registration Forms and Learner’s Permanent Records are electronically processed through assigning unique and permanent student number upon enrolment and hard copies are securely kept in the Center’s storage area while digital files are stored in the School’s database.  All Gideon Academy systems used for student information are accessed individually with unique user and encrypted password within the school network.  All of the Learner’s Permanent Records shall be kept perpetually.   The GA CCTV video recordings are securely recorded with a 24-hour recording and a first-in-first-out system set-up.  Photos and videos are good for the current school year only, except for copies forwarded to the GA Archives and Library collection.


E.  How Access and Correction of the Given Information are Done 


Owner of the record has the right to ask for a copy of any personal information pertaining only to him or her as indicated in as well as to ask for it to be corrected if such information is incorrect, inaccurate or otherwise subject to corrections as maybe required by law or court order.  To do so, the owner of the record or the parent of the learner (for minors), or guardian of the learner (for minors) as the case may be, who is recorded as such in the enrolment form as the learner’s parent or guardian (or if not, upon satisfactory proof to the School that the person is the parent of the learner (both parents as indicated in the learner’s birth certificate (NSO certified) having joint parental authority of their child unless otherwise proven) even if not so recorded in the School records, must do the following:


Any necessary correction of previously given personal information may be channelled to the Administration Office.  Corrections of personal information or sensitive personal information provided by the learner or employee (or job applicant) to the School may be made upon prior reasonable verification by the School that the information to be corrected is in fact incorrect or inaccurate, or that the School has a legal obligation (e.g. there is final and executory order mandating the correction of the entry) to make the requested correction.


The School has the right to refuse access to any other information involving a learner or employee, i.e. information other that those enumerated in Part A above, if the School is under legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any such information (e.g. CCTV footages for security and disciplinary purposes, etc.).


Parents or guardians of minors may request for the blocking or deletion of learner’s photo or video upon request thru the School’s designated Data Protection Officer.


Reference:  Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173)  参考:2012年数据隐私法(R.A. 10173)


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