Admission Requirements


Age Requirements

  • Toddler – 3 years old by June 1
  • Nursery – 4 years old  by June 1
  • Kinder – 5 years old by June 1
  • Grade 1 – 6 years old by June 1

A. Requirements for Reservation

For Preschool Students

  1. Present the Original copy of Birth Certificate   出示出生证明书正本
  2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate   出生证明书副本
  3. If alien, copy ofACR, ICR, passport or any legal documents to support permission to study   若是外籍学生,需持有ACR,ICR,护照或入学允许证
  4. Certificate of Immunization (in accordance with the Department of Education’s requirement)  預防针注射证明书
  5. Two recent colored ID pictures 1X1 (with name written at the back)  两張1×1彩色近照 ( 照片后面写上姓名)

For Transferees

  1. Numbers 1-5    上述第1至5 条事項
  2. Chinese and English Report Cards  原就读学校的中英文成绩單
  3. Letter of Recommendation   推荐书


B. Procedures:

  1. Fill out the Student Information Sheet (Application Form).
  2. Inquire about the schedule for interview or testing and please come ON TIME as scheduled.

Tests Results:

  1. Kindly call up the Administration Office one (1) week after for the interview or test results between 7:30AM to 4:30PM at telephone number 834-09-06
  2. Upon confirmation of your child’s acceptance, please come and pay 2,000.00PhP. This amount represents partial tuition fee payment.
  3. DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT OF RESERVATION FEE:  Payment must be made within one (1) week upon confirmation of acceptance by the school to mean inclusion of your child in the priority slots for admission.