General Objectives

  1. To provide its students with experiences and opportunities that will lead to a personal encounter with and acceptance of Christ while helping establish a strong moral and spiritual foundation;
  2. To provide the means and the guidance for its students to develop the potentials, talents and abilities of its students to the fullest;
  3. To provide pre-elementary, elementary and high school educational background in preparation for college work;
  4. To inculcate a sound and balanced nationalism in its students in appreciation of their Filipino cultural heritage and a love and loyalty to the Filipino nation; and
  5. To foster in its students, mostly of Chinese descent, an appreciation of their unique identity by providing an educational environment that strengthens their awareness and love for their Chinese cultural tradition.

Specific Objectives of the High School and Elementary Department

  1. To instill in the minds of its students love and service to God, people and country;
  2. To help its students understand the interrelationship between themselves and the environment so they can cope with the changing community and society;
  3. To help its students develop well-rounded personalities through character building and strengthening of their social consciousness, spiritual and moral values;
  4. To prepare the students academically for them to have reasonable proficiency in science, mathematics and communication arts thus readying them for the next grade level; and
  5. To provide physical fitness and extra-curricular activities in order to enhance the normal development of the students.

Specific Objectives of the Preschool Dept.

  1. To impart Christian-based education, coupled with the knowledge and understanding of God’s message of love and salvation.
  2. To develop good character and a pleasant personality.
  3. To instill good habits while enriching childhood life experiences.
  4. To develop social skills among small children.
  5. To introduce basic knowledge and skills.
  6. To explore creativity and artistic abilities.
  7. To maintain a good understanding of both Filipino and Chinese culture.