About Us


Our History

Gideon Academy Inc. is a Christian institution located at 2683 F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City.  It offers preschool, primary, intermediate and secondary education for children of Chinese-Filipino descent.  It was established by the United Evangelical Church of Pasay (UEC Pasay) in 1984.  It started preschool classes in the church at 172 Ignacio Street corner Park Avenue.  Each year, as the students got promoted, a class for the next year level was opened.  Thus, by 1992, Gideon Academy Inc. was offering the entire elementary class and by 1996, the entire secondary course.

In 1987, the church acquired the present school site.  Construction of the school building was started in 1989 and done in three (3) phases with the final phase being completed in late 2005.

The Story Behind the Name

Originally, the school was named Pasay Christian School.  However, at the time of registration with the Department of Education, more thought was given to the name of the school.  Since the main purpose of its existence is to bring people to Christ, the Chinese name “Kee-Tiong” was coined meaning “CHRIST IS THE CENTER”.  This lead to the English name “Gideon Academy” since the pronunciation of the proposed Chinese name closely sounds like the word Gideon who happens to be a Bible-character in the Old Testament.